Exploring the Information Technology career field

We spend countless hours in front of screens. Smart phones, computers, gaming consoles and other devices are used by Alaskans every day. Have you ever wondered who is behind creating our device-connected world and keeping it all up and running? Turns out, as our demand to be connected in the digital age increases, so too does the demand for people to work behind those screens, and those jobs pay well.

Computer programmers, support specialists and systems analysts are just a few typical information technology (IT) careers. Programmers are the translators who convert software developers’ designs into codes that computers understand. Support specialists are the ambassadors who help people when they encounter problems with their computers. Systems analysts work with businesses to ensure that the companies’ computers and networks are working efficiently. Common tasks within the field are overseeing computer networks and other electronic media, and writing and testing code.

People who are highly analytical and enjoy working with computers and electronic technology find this career path rewarding. Also, people who have quick learning abilities, are detail-oriented, possess strong communication skills, and who are organized do well in this field.